Temporary Labor

Reliability.  Flexibility.

Skills and Evaluation

  • Before any Callos Resource employee is sent on an assignment, thorough interviewing, testing and indoctrination procedures are performed.
  • A reference check is conducted by our office staff on every employee.
  • Light industrial employees are given a general math, measurement and comparison test.
  • Custom testing can be arranged at the customer’s request.
  • Clerical candidates are tested using Kenexa Prove It!
  • With over 1000 tests Kenexa Prove It! delivers measurable assessments in a variety of categories including clerical, software, technical, industrial, call center and more. This system gives us the power to identify and select the most talented candidates and employees.

Cost-Effective! Our temps are…

  • Pre-screened, personally interviewed
  • Pre-tested (standard & Customized)
  • Reference checked
  • Insured
  • Bonded

Other Special services available…

  • Customized employee orientation booklets
  • On-site recruiting
  • Callos on-premises staffing
  • Drug testing
  • Criminal record checks
  • Web based payroll, timekeeping and management reports


Temporaries are cost-effective…

  • Benefits control – at your discretion
  • No recruiting, advertising, administration or screening costs
  • No taxes or paperwork costs – eliminate Workers’ Compensation and Liability Insurance
  • No termination problems
  • Better Unemployment Insurance rates

Each client is assigned staff personnel who become familiar with the client and their special needs.

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